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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this sketch. a latino man and responsible for another robbery. >> a robbery occurred near the second street garage and that incident female victim was approached by a male suspect with a gun and robbed of some money. >> downtown campbell has a popular restaurant and bar scene especially on weekend nights. the buzz of the community has more people hearing about it and seeing the sketch. >> we had a police officer come in and ask to sti if anybody saw anything. >> it is someone who is doing something late at night to know that happened, i'm pretty shocked. >> reporter: police say the suspect got away in a dark colored sedan. no further description of the getaway week, but anyone who was here in downtown campbell around 12 midnight to 12:30 and may have seen anything, give
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them a call. police are looking for a sexual assault suspect. they say the man in this sketch assaulted this girl in the women's bathroom. the girl had been in the pool area with her family. police are trying to find out how the su spec entered that locked area. they believe he may have been visiting another tenant or followed someone in who had an access key. the driver veered off highway 101 near the outpatient center. mike sugerman on why highway barriers offered those workers no protection. >> reporter: this is a horrible story to report and every highway workers' nightmare. the car veered off. you're just doing your job and all of a sudden you see one co- worker die and one injured. there is still a lot we don't know happened here.
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it was death by inches. >> she barely missed the concrete and some before that. >> reporter: a woman in a black mercedes driving down 101 for some reason veered off the highway just missing the protective barriers, plowed into a group of nine young men picking up trash. part of a job training program. >> we don't know whether alcohol or drugs or any medical condition quas the cause. >> reporter: we know one young man is dead, another injured along with the driver. they are in the hospital. job train, a group that takes young women and men off the streets and into jobs is in mourning. >> we're shocked and saddened about the accident that happened on highway 101. we extend our deepest sympathies of those involved. >> the mercedes was going fast enough to not only hit the workers but slam into four cars in an adjacent parking lot.
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drivers to have to get out of the slow lane if there are workers on the shoulder. >> utility vehicles. there is a reason for that. we want them to give a little cushion for workers to do their job. >> reporter: if you can't change lanes you have to at least slow down. that is the law, too. >> so they are just pulling the car out. it was here until a couple minutes ago on the shoulder of the road. that was backing up traffic. people were trying to see it. now that is it gone, traffic seems to be getting a lot better here on the peninsula. mike sugerman, kpix5 news. the garbage truck flipped on its side crashing into the center divider. the driver was trying to make a lane change when it crashed into the pickup. a decorated former marine is recovering from a shooting.
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police think he was shot after yelling at a passing car to slow down. the 32-year-old is in serious condition, but is expected to survive. it happened after midnight friday on gulf course road. he survived three tours of duty in iraq, the military warrior support foundation gave him and his family a house and no one has been arrested. u.s. officials are trying to piece together details of an attack that killed a u.s. general at a military base. two star major general harold green was shot and killed by a man in afghan army uniform. he is the highest ranking u.s. service member killed in afghanistan. he was preparing afghan forces to take over when u.s. troops leave. the gunman opened fire. it is a military academy where afghans are trained to become
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officers. early reports the gunman was hiding inside a building and fired at random from a window at random outside. other soldiers opened fire killing the gunman. >> the missing captain may be on the run. he has an outstanding warrant for a $75,000 warrant stemming from drug charges and failure to appear. the coastguard and fire crews searched for him for several hours yesterday. that was after his fishing boat became stranded at ocean beach. he made a mayday call saying he would swim to shore but he was nowhere to be found. crews suspended the search as they work to salvage the fishing boat. five men are facing charges for marijuana bust. this is their hall. they intercepted the men with 5
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thought pounds of pot off a boat in mexico friday. it is worth $23 million. eight of the men pleaded not guilty. this is the second marijuana boat bust. another was seized from an abandoned boat. san jose police arrested two men and a teen-ager for a deadly stabbing downtown. he was attacked boy a group just steps away from plaza. they said he was stabbed several times and died later at the hospital. police arrested these two men shortly after the attack with the help of surveillance cameras. a 14-year-old boy was arrested sunday on suspicion of murder. police believe the attack was gang related. the scary but safe emergency landing in the airport. a corporate jet was having some mechanical problems. the pilot managed to land safely. no word yet on what caused
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those problems. a private shuttle company will have to pay for blocking service. the bus got stuck on a steep hill. it blocked the rail line for half an hour. they said the royal coach shuttle company will be charged for the cost of responding to the delay and extra service to get commuters around the area. people in napa county got an early wake-up call from a 3.2 earthquake. it hit before 7:00 this morning. more than 300 people reported feeling that jolt. the bay area is getting some rare august rain and for some parts of the north bay, they felt more rainfall today than typically falls in the entire month. paul deanno is tracking that. >> it puts a smile on our face as we're tracking rainfall in office. highway 101. we have had showers off and on
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the entire day. right now, it is on. we're talking santa rosa, all the way. mainly sonoma county and city of sonoma getting rainfall. i want to show you the entire bay area because the majority of you not seeing rain, but we have had scattered showers throughout the day. napa, that is more than you received in the entire month of august. this is rare rain. the rain that fell in concord is the first time it has rained at all in the month of august since 2003. that was 11 years ago so any rain in august is welcomed rainfall. in this case it is rare rainfall. detailsen 0 our forecast for the next several days and a hurricane headed to hawaii. more on that coming up. well, a cal football player dies after a workout. now his family is calling his
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trainer reckless. athlete's death. >> somebody has to stand up for ted. >> the warning signs they say the staff missed and the eerie connection to another student athlete's death. a force of nature in action. a landslide swallowing a hillside home. >> why some people are calling these ads a giant step backward for women. ,,,,,,,,
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their son during a feburarym training run. 21-year-old ted agu died after that run. as kpix 5's john ramos repo- the blame is now being placn a trainer. they began by putting up photographs. lawyers for the family of fn cal bears football player t agu want people to know whas lost in nish/agu family %fo ple an incred the blame is being placed on a trainer. they began by putting up photographs. lawyers for the family of fallen football player want people to know what was lost in his death. >> people will see what incredible family this is, what a tight unit they were, the
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type of relationship. >> reporter: in february, he collapsed and died during team conditioning drills. the coroner's report lists the death as an undies covered heart condition, but the family disputes that and said he has the same as that of that in florida. the trainer failed to interseed and stop the activity even though it was known just like in florida that this california athlete had traits. >> it is when red blood cells change shape. >> it is very, very rare and you have to push people to the
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extremes. >> he said 9% of african- american carry the trait including many athletes who never have a problem. >> it would be extremely difficult to prove and since we don't really know the scientific background to address that. >> but the lawyers say that won't stop the lawsuit. >> by trying the case, that is the only voice we have for having a change. a jury awarded that family $15 million and led to the ncaa requiring testing of all athletes. >> the 59-year-old nancy writebol was transported in a specially equipped ambulance. she is in serious but stable cop dix. she was working in liberia when she and a co-worker contracted the deadly ebola virus. the leader of her group held back tears while sharing thoughts from writebol's
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husband. >> a week ago he said we were talking about possible funeral arrangements. yet we kept our faith. >> both writebol and dr. kent brantly have been given an experimental drug that has not been tested on people until now. >> kick and screaming. the wild meltdown that had a child covering her ears. an extreme makeover for your shoes. ladies, they can even make your high heels more comfortable. ,,,,
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and israel has pulled it' troops out of gaza. israel force a 72 hour ceasefire between israel and hamas has been successful so far and israel has pulled its troops out of gaza. israel forces say they completed the mission of finding and destroying hamas tunnels. they launched rockets until the ceasefire began and israel tanks are standing by just in case. the next step of negotiating a long-term solution is tough. israel wants hamas to think about its weapons. passengers on board a flight were shocked when a woman having a meltdown was dragged off the plane. >> i didn't do anything wrong.
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>> officers were called, took her off the plane when she wouldn't calm down. one said she got on the plane saying the flight was going to brazil not liz been. she told so many expletives that the little girl put on the headphones and covered her ears. the five time emmy award winner worked at the fox tv station. sacramento police said she helped an accomplice steal $2,500 worth of the wallets at a coach store. she denies the allegations. she said she resigned from the station to focus on her defense. it turned into this. take a look. time lapse video showing the landslide swallowing up one home and the family living there could do nothing but watch. a total of 27 homes have been
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evacuated. today was another first at the stadium. the 49ers museum opened its doors for a sneak peek inside. the 20,000 square feet facility has the san francisco 49ers. they want the public to have an experience that makes them feel connected to the team. museum complete with decades of memorabilia, life size statues of game players. >> we wanted people to come in and feel it. there is a lot of interactivity here. you can learn about the players and learn about different things. you can learn even about the physics of throwing aspire ral. we wanted people to be immersed in everything 49ers. >> it opens at 10:00 a.m. this friday. it is $15 for adults and $10 for children to get in. the first preseason game against the ravens in baltimore this thursday. you can watch it 4:30 right
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here on kpix. it has a maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour but may go down to a tropical storm by thursday, but wind gusts of 60 to 80 miles per hour by thursday night. my mother is in hawaii right now. we told her to hunker down. >> at a minimum this will be a travel headache. people will be stuck in hawaii. >> oh, darn. >> out of all the places to be stuck. >> it will be very windy there. it doesn't look like it will be a major hurricane hitting but 60 to 80 miles per hour is no joke and travel will be a big time problem for any of the hawaiian i lands. around here we have had some rainfall. how about that? not in san jose. a live picture.
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some places are sunny although hazy. san jose is that right now. 673 for you. santa rosa, 67 will showers nearby. look at livermore. sunny, humid and warm with a current temperature of 87. 69degrees. i'm so happy to show you this. there is rain falling in the bay area, know where close to putting a dent in the drop, but we'll take everyone. >> showers will continue north through windsor. we did see a few showers around the city of sonoma and napa. speaking of napa, rainfall you received from last night, your average for the entire month of august is .03. we have seen more rain than we typically see for the entire month of august. i realize it is not much, but we typically we see zero rainfall this time of year. this is not zero.
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this is a very abnormal weather pattern. it is being pulled back. this is act like a magnet and drawing this moisture back and depositing it mainly in the north bay right now. the low is not following the rules. it is sitting and spinning. it will drift to the south we think taking showers down towards san jose and gilroy. i know you have not received any rain in the south bay yet. you have a you have a chance tonight and tomorrow. we'll have onshore flow. i would like the pattern that is setting up inland where it will be warm and sunny but not hot. know where close to 100 degrees for the next week once this low is gone. let's talk about the low because showers will move north to south tonight. the low will be gone by wednesday afternoon taking the rain with it. thern a very comfortable weather pattern takes over. showers possible overnight
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tonight in san francisco. tomorrow 69 degrees. san jose 81. sunnyvale tomorrow 77 with the cloudy start. we'll see a few overnight sprinkles there. same for danville. sonoma 81 showers continue this evening and more showers up toward clear lake tomorrow and sunshine comes back and around 90 degrees. back to normal. upper 80s, low 90s inland and fog near the bay. rare august. we have had rain in july. we have had rain now in august. is this a sign that the driest of driest of dry is finally behind us? >> i hope so. >> maybe. >> things are looking a lot better than they were. >> good. >> thanks paul. a new shoe campaign to backfire. some women are accusing the store 9 west of the sexism. take a look. the new campaign promotes shoes
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for "husband hunting." they have an ad with a woman carrying a flip-flops. the walk of shame. some women are firing back on twitter. one comment saying you know me so well 9 west. all i'm interested in is snacking a man. it is still 1950, right? >> how about promotions merger clinching shoes or board meeting shoes. a spokeswomen from 9 west said it was taking risks. look they have people talking. >> that is what they wanted. keeping a shoe collection takes maintenance but your local toddler can save you some cash. you may be surprised what they can fix. ,,
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d t on the consumerw >> it is hard to believe but americans toss out 300 million pairs of shoes every year. >> on the consumer watch report, a dying business that could keep those old shoes out
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of the landfills and save you a lot of money. >> shoes can be a price sy investment. but before you toss out those worn too high or too tight shoes or even that broken purse, you might want to consider your local cobbler. >> he said with the exception of sneakers, just about every shoe can get a makeover. >> it is an art. >> an art that can more than triple the life of your shoes saving you hundreds overtimes. >> we have to fix what somebody else put together. >> you would be surprised what they can fix for 15 to $70. souls can be replaced again and again on high heels. most cobblers can also lower the height of a heel by as much as an in the. >> they can clean, condition and stretch your shoes to make
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them look like knew. and they can do the same for anything from pocketbooks to belts and wallets. >> but martinez worries these skills could be lost as fewer people are entering the profession. >> there are not enough of us. >> he said those that make supplies are beginning to shut down, too. >> we don't have the supplies, you can't fix it. >> but demand for shoe repair remains high so he is hoping to offer training to the young people. >> we need the community, the community needs us >> he is hoping to spread the word. souls are worth saving. >> >> he suggests you clean and condition leather shoes with lotion or saddle soap and store the shoes with cedar because it helps them to last a little longer. >> if you invest money issues. >> if yeah want buy designer shoes, you want to keep them. >> exactly. >> we will be right back.
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caltrans on the defensive tonight.. answering back to charges that it silenced a d questions about the new bay new at 6:00 tonight caltran on the defensive again answering back to charges that it silenced a long list of critics who raised questions about the new bay bridge. >> if the drought condition isn't bad enough, it could trigger an earthquake. a bay area police department issues a policy over its drone. we'll have those stories and more at 6:00. >> that is 30 minutes away.
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thks. scott pelley is coming up next. >> news and weather on our website at afghanistan. an assassin many are wounded. david martin on the highest ranking u.s. fatality of the war. anna werner has a cbs news investigation of a school that uses electric shock on students with autism. >> i felt like i was being punished for being born. ngat's what it feels like. because i was disabled, i was being punished. >> pelley: a harrowing ordeal for eight boaters stranded at sea, all captured on video. and ben tracy has a just- elleased interview of richard nixon talking about the tape that forced him to resign 40 years ago this week. >> this was the final blow, the final nail in the coffin, although you don't need another nail if you're already in the coffin, which we were.


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